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Med Brokerage & 

Management Corp.

Med Brokerage & Management Corp. was founded by Ibrahim Mazman in 1995 as a ship brokerage house that catered to prominent physical commodities traders. Among the traders that required the Company's brokerage services were U.S. traders of fertilizers, grains, and scrap cargoes, which provided the bulk of business to the Company in 1995. Through these profitable cargo fixtures that the Company concluded in 1995 and 1996, its reputation began to take root in the New York as well as in the European markets.

The Company aggressively sought new business opportunities through hard work and ingenuity of its founder, who was very committed to the Company's day-to-day operations as well as its long-term strategic positioning. Very quickly the Company attained a respectable position among the ranks of other international ship brokerage houses.

The company now takes pride in a pro-active approach to Commercial Management services and advise our clients of future market trends, developments and opportunities as well as anticipating their growing and changing requirements.

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